11607 Cedar Park Ave. | Baton Rouge, LA 70809

By Appointment ONLY | CALL: 225-478-4805

11607 Cedar Park Ave. | Baton Rouge, LA 70809

By Appointment ONLY | CALL: 225-478-4805


What is Overspray?Prices start at: $300 Depending on Condition

If someone is painting around your vehicle, and the paint that they’re using gets in the wind and happens to land on your car, the film that it leaves all over your vehicle is called overspray. Another example is when you’re getting a bumper or fender repaired at the body shop, and they accidentally get some extra paint on your vehicle. You can even come into contact with overspray simply by traveling through some local Baton Rouge, Louisiana road construction.
When your vehicle comes in contact with overspray you’ll definitely be able to notice it, and removing this menace from your vehicle can be a difficult and tedious task.
Kfaul’s Auto Detail can handle any type of overspray job you’re confronted with, using the extreme detail and quality that we are known for in Baton Rouge!

We Also Offer

Clay Bar Treatment

An effective treatment that safely removes paint overspray, tree saps, and other contaminants from paint, glass, and chrome surfaces.

Scratch, Swirl, and Hologram Removal

We use safe compounding, cleaning and polishing agents to carefully remove scratches, swirl marks, and holograms from all vehicle paint types.

Headlight Restoration

This special treatment will restore and refinish hazy, scratched or yellowed headlight covers and protect the lens from future damage.

Odour Removal and A/C Treatment

A perfect solution for neutralising and eliminating smoke, mildew, and treating other common causes of odour in the car.


  • Why should I choose ProntoWash car wash?

    Because you deserve the best! We've been in business for over 25 years, and our team has extensive experience in the car washing industry. We treat our client's vehicle as if it was our own. We use modern equipment and premium products and have well-trained employees that will go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Is the car wash safe for my vehicle?

    Yes, absolutely! We use only the top-shelf products and modern equipment. We also have a full-time maintenance team that keeps everything running smoothly.

  • Is there anything you don't do?

    We take pride in trying to serve our clients in every way we can. However, to protect both your vehicle and our equipment, we are unable to serve dual-wheeled vehicles, boats and recreational vehicles. We also do not provide hard water removal and engine steam cleaning services.

  • What are the height restrictions?

    Our tunnel can accommodate vehicles of up to 7'4”. If your vehicle has been modified or lowered, please get in touch with our manager to find out whether it will fit.

  • Can you wash vehicles with oversized tires?

    In general, vehicles with tires that are 12 1/2” or smaller will fit our tunnel. If you own a car with oversized tires, we would be glad to help you measure them to see if we can accommodate your vehicle.